Benefit of Becoming FOCAS Members
  • Free children and youth tutoring and mentoring
  • Priorities in all FOCAS’ benefits
  • Can elect the board of directors
  • Participate in all annual galas
  • Connect with more than two hundred member
  • Free in office Services such as application writing; translation and interpretation services; phot copy, scanning.
  • All job related information; help with strong resume writings etc.

Members Rights

  • Members have all the rights to know about FOCAS’ activities including financial and administration
  • They have the right to participate in Board election
  • They have the right to acquire all the FOCAS services.
  • They have the right to withdraw from the membership.

Members' Services

  • School children empowerment
  • Sponsorship and settlement services
  • Resume writing and job search and placement
  • Women and family empowerment services
  • Sport and recreation services for all aged members
  • Seniors’ services
  • Advocate for members rights and privilege

Members Responsibilities

  • Pay the membership fees before the due date
  • Present on the AGM and other mandatory meetings
  • Willingly participate on fundraisings and other social services
  • Protect FOCAS confidential matters

What Does FOCAS want to Achieve

  • Produce competent and successful young generations
  • Assure knowledge-based resettlement and integration of newcomers
  • Reach out to the neediest refugees and sponsor them .
  • Connect and work with multicultural communities across regions, religions and ethnicities
  • Connect Canadian generosities and abundant wealth with scarcity back home.
  • build informed and active participatory community in the Canadian socio-economic wellbeing
  • Inculcate the old tradition of Canadian patriotism, work ethics and perseverance in new immigrant generations.
  • Actively participate in the activities that assure the elimination of racism, work place harassments and discriminations of any kind.

To learn more contact FOCAS

Tel:+1 780-250-7007