Women and Youth Employment

women are the most forgotten part of the society. Most of them are victims of the home culture they brought to Canada with them. As they used to work in the house for the entire life, they don’t seem to have a drive to challenge these cultures. With few of them who are spearheading in this issue, most of them are still not interested in public life, employment and self reliance. Our organization works to tackling this challenge and help the immigrant women enjoy public lives, learning about self-reliance and management of their own destiny.
This program has generated a lot of interest in both communities, bringing newcomers and refugees as well as mainstream Canadian women together to exchange their experiences and learn from each other. The program is entirely rung by volunteer women. Empowering women and youth plays a crucial role in the development of the society. A largely ignored yet hugely important section of this society, FOCAS intends to focus on how women and youth can be empowered, so as to lead the lives of their choice.
An empowered woman, reduces the gender disparity and leads to equality of men and women in the society. FOCAS believes that motivation can help an individual, empower them and help them in taking charge of their lives. FOCAS basically encourage them with formal education and vocational courses and aims to empower the girl child and women by continuing their education and helping them achieve bigger dreams.

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